Refunds and Cancellations

Refunds and Cancellations are subject to the conditions. Please contact for Refunds and Cancellations.


The online gateway facility can be used for any amount due to SiliconAndhra for its services.

Any payment made multiple times due to error, or any other kind of erroneous payment that may be brought to the notice of the  office would be refunded if the management is satisfied with the cause and/or reason of error by the donor/payee.

All donations and/or payment made through the Site, the acceptance of the same is at the sole discretion of the Trustees. The management reserves its sole rights to accept or cancel any donation and/or payment without assigning any reason thereof. All donations from outside India shall be routed only through banking channels.

Donations once made cannot be charged back, except in cases of fraudulent use that stand substantiated through necessary investigation by Government/Bank authorities. In case any donation receipt is issued against the same, that shall stand cancelled, and any income tax benefit so derived shall be null and void.